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Paul Rosenberg, P.C.
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Paul Rosenberg, P.C.

From The Desk Of Criminal And Federal Defense Attorney Paul H. Rosenberg

Some individuals think the best way to face criminal charges is to find a former prosecutor turned defense lawyer. I am proud to say that I am not a former prosecutor. I am a criminal defense attorney. I always have been, and I always will be, because protecting the rights of the accused and defending individuals charged with crimes are my top priorities.

Success in criminal law does not come from trying to think like the opposition or following the herd. It comes from years and years experience which in turn results in sound judgment and keen instincts.  I begin each case with fresh eyes, viewing the entire picture anew: What are the charges?  Is the evidence defective? Is the prosecution theory flawed? I review the relevant statutes, even though I've read them a hundred times before. I never get clever or cute, because I must not overlook a hard hitting defense in plain eyesight.

But most importantly, I must learn who my client is - as a person. Cases can be won on if I effectively highlight and display my client's good qualities. I cannot do this with any conviction unless I know the people I represent.

Once I lay out the facts, I sit down with the client to figure out what he or she is most concerned about: Is he or she concerned about his or herdignity, reputation, employmen, education libery? Some people simply don't like to be bullied by the government. Is the client worried about a criminal record impacting his or her education? Is jail time a possible consequence?

My clients are diverse and come from all walks of life. Whether charged with shoplifting or first degree murder,  every person I represent gets my best effort. I'll look at the facts of a case and at the client's goals before I develop a defense strategy. Then, I put every effort into securing results for my clients by providing honest counsel and skilled defense, but I never promise a client anything that I cannot deliver.

Call The Law Office Of Paul Rosenberg, P.C.

I have defended juveniles charged with misdemeanor crimes, and I have protected individuals charged with murder. I have the skill, experience and composure to handle the most difficult criminal defense cases. I frequently take on tough cases referred by other attorneys. From my law office in Des Moines, Iowa, I represent clients throughout the metro region as well as in surrounding areas.

To discuss how I can help you, contact me online or by calling 515-650-2106.