Facing The Criminal Justice System Alone Is A Bad Idea

When the prosecution accuses you of a crime, the system is already working against you, and the power dynamics are not in your favor. You need to work with an experienced and serious criminal defense attorney who can proactively protect your rights.

Over 30 years of experienced criminal defense representation in Des Moines

I Built My Career Defending The Accused

While some people will try to convince you that a former prosecutor is the best defense, I am proud to say that my skills as a defense attorney are time-tested. Over 30 years in the courtroom have sharpened my practice. You can trust that I am on your side; I always have been. Your rights and the rights of accused persons across Iowa are my priority – no exceptions.

I pride myself on running a law practice that is client-centered. I listen to your story and provide you with clear and understandable options. I do not spout legal jargon to prove that I am knowledgeable or waste time on clever quips. I dedicate my time to pursuing your best interests and maintaining your control over the future. Call 515-650-2106 and work with me.

Providing Solutions For All Areas Of Criminal Law

Every case requires an in-depth analysis, careful review of the evidence, detailed examination of the law and dedicated counsel. At my firm, you will receive a top-tier, personalized legal defense for any charges you face, including charges like:

• Drug trafficking and manufacture
• Breaking and entering, robbery, and burglary
• Embezzlement and identity theft
• Assault and domestic violence

I also maintain a robust juvenile defense practice and am available to help parents whose children’s criminal charges threaten their education and future.

My Award-Winning Legal Representation Can Benefit You