Facing The Criminal Justice System Alone Is A Bad Idea

Providing Quality Defense For Assault Charges

A bar fight or an argument with a girlfriend or boyfriend can seem harmless — until the cops are called. Assault convictions carry serious penalties that can negatively impact your life long after you make amends with your girlfriend or the guy at the bar. Attorney Paul Rosenberg regularly handles these cases.

An assault conviction on your criminal record can complicate many other aspects of your life. It will be harder to get a job, further your education and secure housing. Mr. Rosenberg knows the prosecutors in the area and is well-positioned to negotiate an agreement to dismiss or reduce your charges.

How Will An Assault Conviction Affect You?

Assault charges are more complicated than many individuals assume. A domestic violence conviction can result in far more than the end of your relationships. It can have ongoing negative repercussion in many areas of your life. It takes the partnership of an experienced defender to successfully navigate the unique landscape of a domestic violence charge.

Individuals convicted of these offenses — even for the first time — are no longer allowed to carry firearms. There are more severe penalties for repeat offenders. Mr. Rosenberg can protect your rights if you face a first or repeat offense. He also has vast experience defending individuals facing charges for possession of a firearm as a felon.

Mr. Rosenberg defends individuals facing a range of criminal charges in Des Moines, Iowa, and the surrounding areas. He is a skilled attorney who provides honest counsel. He is available to work hard to meet your goals, and he will not promise you something that he cannot achieve.

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