Facing The Criminal Justice System Alone Is A Bad Idea

Accused Of A Crime?

Criminal defense attorney Paul Rosenberg’s law practice style is all about getting results for his clients. This requires a developing a smart plan focused on achieving results and relentlessly working the game plan. He puts an extensive amount of time and energy into each case. Mr. Rosenberg understands that individuals facing criminal charges often feel powerless and overwhelmed. He views it as his duty to defend and protect his clients’ rights with an intelligent step-by-step effort – the Bismarck was not sunk by yelling at it! Table pounding, as well as flowery speeches, are poor substitutes for old-fashioned hard work.

Undaunted Defense For Difficult Cases

No client or case is too big or too small for Mr. Rosenberg. He defends individuals facing a range of misdemeanor and felony charges, including:

  • Federal crimes: He handles all federal offense, including fraud charges and federal drug offenses, such as charges of drug trafficking, possessing large quantities of drugs with intent to distribute.
  • Drug crimes: Iowa takes drug crimes seriously. Mr. Rosenberg is available to defend individuals charged with simple possession and drug trafficking offenses involving marijuana, meth, cocaine, crack cocaine and heroin.
  • Violent crimes: When your life or freedom is on the line, you need an experienced defender. Mr. Rosenberg handles serious charges involving murder, assault and weapons, including charges of possession of a firearm as a felon.
  • White-collar crimes: For crimes like fraud, money laundering and embezzlement, Paul Rosenberg, P.C. conducts a detailed defense with highly effective representation.
  • Youthful offenders: Mr. Rosenberg often works with young people and their parents. He likes the opportunity to intervene at a critical moment in a young person’s life to help him or her get back on the right track. He handles a range of youthful offender charges, including burglary, criminal mischief (a/k/a vandalism), breaking and entering, theft and marijuana possession.

For each client, Mr. Rosenberg will weigh the law and facts of the case and, most importantly, the client’s goal. He then works hard to develop a strong defense strategy, and he never promises anything he is unable to deliver. He will fight to get the job done before a jury or court, and will not panic or bale out. Mr. Rosenberg is a skilled negotiator and is often able to work out an agreement with the prosecutor to reduce or dismiss his clients’ charges. If you have questions about the criminal defense process, call Mr. Rosenberg right away.

Des Moines Criminal Appeals Attorney

A resolute determination to secure results for clients is a hallmark of Mr. Rosenberg’s career. He is also well-regarded for his tireless work on appeals, postconviction relief proceedings, and federal habeas corpus petitions. He frequently accepts referrals from other lawyers, and he does not hesitate to take a complex or difficult case. Some of his career highlights have been the strong representation he provided in high-profile trials and appeals.

Put An Experienced Defender On Your Side

To discuss your case with a skilled Des Moines criminal defense attorney, contact Paul Rosenberg, P.C., online or by calling 515-650-2106.